Preview: Ruby Wing 2013 Summer Festival Paint Collection

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review.

Woot! I have a preview today – the new Ruby Wing Festival Paint Collection which will soon be in pre-order at If you’re not familiar with the Ruby Wing brand, it uses SolarActive technology to change colors in the sun. You can see my review of the Scented Spring Garden Collection here. The Festival Paint Collection includes a few neons. I was super impressed. How they get neon pigment and color changing pigment packed into the same bottle is beyond me! A few of these are must-haves for a beach vacation. You just must! The formula was good. All swatches are two coats with topcoat. I gotta tell you though – these are tough to photograph. I did my best to capture the colors.

First up is Crowd Surf, a bright purple crème…like a “wow” purple. So pretty. Outside it takes on a deeper berry shade.

Ruby Wing Crow Surf (Festival Paint Collection)

Electric Firefly is a perfect name. Indoors, it’s an almost-neon yellow with an iridescent shimmer. Outdoors, it turns a more mustard yellow shade. Most of these polishes change color the instant the sun hits…but this one took a little longer to reach full outdoor color.

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly (Festival Paint Collection)

Next is Groupie, a truly neon pink creme. I tried many times to capture it in my photos – but just couldn’t. Trust me! In the sunlight it takes on a darker, more orange tone.

Ruby Wing Groupie (Festival Paint Collectin)

Green Peace is a neon green (again, pics don’t show the brightness) that gets darker outdoors. The promo shots show a nearly forest green outdoor color, but I didn’t quite get there. It’s a deeper, brighter green than Cut Grass from the Spring Collection.

Ruby Wing Green Peace (Festival Paint Collection)

Summer Love is another true neon indoors. It’s so frustrating to photograph neon! (Anyone tired of hearing me say that yet? Anyone have any tips for me?) Outside, Summer Love turns a rusty, dark orange.

Ruby Wing Summer Love (Festival Paint Collection)

And finally, we have Eternal which is by far my fave! It’s a beautiful teal crème indoors (a greener version of Tiffany blue). Outdoors it gets this cool red-gray tone to it – it’s difficult to describe. You can see in the outdoor pic that I didn’t mix the bottle well enough before application (see the pinkish color change happening?). Also, my outdoor shot has some shadow to it so it has a gradient effect. Which is very cool…but not a good swatch shot.

Ruby Wing Eternal (Fesival Paint Collection)

Here’s another pic of Eternal to show you just how sensitive these polishes are to light. The edge of my nail is the indoor color and the rest is lit by sunlight. Isn’t it awesome?

Ruby Wing Eternail (Festival Paint Collection)

I’m a big fan of Ruby Wing for the summer. Just like they say, why wear one color when you can wear two? If I had to pick, Eternal and Crowd Surf are my faves. If you love neon orange, you’ll love Summer Love for sure!

Ruby Wing is manufactured by the same company that makes Color Club. It’s non-toxic, environmentally safe, vegan, and never tested on animals. Polishes retail for $10USD and are available online at You can also follow them on facebook, twitter or their blog for upcoming collections, events and promotions.

To learn more about SolarActive and their color changing technology  – which is used in a variety of cool products, from jewelry beads to embroidery thread to t-shirts – visit

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided by the manufacturer, their PR firm or retailer for my review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.



22 responses to “Preview: Ruby Wing 2013 Summer Festival Paint Collection

  1. Am I having some sort of stroke or are there no pictures in your post of Groupie, Eternal, or Summer Love?
    Anywho, your swatches (as always) are gorgeous!!

    • Eeeeeck, Stacy. I woke up this morning and saw my blog stats on my phone and this was the top post. I’m thinking…how can that be? I haven’t posted it yet! Then it hit me and I ran to the computer to unpublish it so I could finish it! You’re so sweet to compliment me on my half-done post though. ;P xoxo

    • I wish the neon showed up better because that’s what makes a lot of these so awesome for a beachy vacation. Eternal is so unusual. I would love it all on it’s own…but then you get outside and it’s such an unexpected change.

  2. Thanks for these awesome swatches! I have been looking for swatches of Ruby Wing polishes, but they seem to be sparse.

    • Thanks, Neelie. They are sparse, aren’t they? I was sent this collection by SolarActive (the people that make the color changing “juice”) and I’ve had them for 2 months! I didn’t want to post until I knew they were close to being available. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen much yet.

  3. I love Ruby Wing I need to swatch Desert Valley now that I have my good camera! these are gorgeous! When you swatch your colors do you do this all in one day? I have so many polishes and collections but I only swatch one at a time whatever I choose to wear that day lol

    • I’d love to see your swatch of Desert Valley when you get it up! When I swatch Ruby Wing I do race and get it all done in a day so all pics are in the exact same light. It’s tough! Normally I do a handful at a time and save the best for last so I can keep wearing it! :)

      • Wow that would be easy for me to do before I had a little girl lol, but now that would be hard for me to do so I guess until she gets older where she doesnt want me as bad I’ll be doing 1 swatch at a time haha! plus whenever I put something on I wanna leave it on atleast for 2 days then I take it off go to the next one then swatch that color. But thanks for explaining this to me now I understand how thats possible lol. I’ll look at someones post and say THAT COLLECTION JUST CAME OUT!? how did they do that lol hahaha

  4. I totally love every one of these polishes. I think the idea of a polish that changes color is why I want these so bad. If I had to pick one, it would be Eternal. I love that Turquoise and Grey combo. Amazing.

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