Mani Cave Lighting: Is it weird to install a spotlight for your polish?

I haven’t posted an update on The Mani Cave lately. Mostly because I spend every free moment on the blog! :) I have some super exciting things in the works for WPP very soon! Anyway, the hubby and I finally installed the lighting I purchased for the room way back in February. It’s been piled in the corner…looking ominous. Sorry…this post will be pic heavy. I love how it turned out!! I’ll start with an after shot.

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

And here’s the before – it’s the dreaded home builder spec light. Gasp.

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

I’m going with a navy, pink and white color scheme. The wainscoting is STILL unfinished. I’ve decided to do a built-in shelving/desk combo on the far wall and so some of the wainscoting will have to come down. I’ll finish it after the unit is up (which at this rate will be 2020). For the main lighting, I considered doing a chandelier – because it’s pretty and feminine and makes sense in a Woman Cave. But a chandelier wouldn’t put out good light and I wanted to mix up traditional (navy and wainscoting) with contemporary. I chose a few components from the IKEA Sanda line and two ginormous LUNTA pendants. The pendants will hang over a nearly 4 x 6 foot chunky rectangle table that I’m painting pink!! This room will also be the “craft room” and the table will give me lots of space to work. So here’s what I bought:

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

Um…overwhelmed is an understatement. That’s probably why this project languished. If you know IKEA, then you know there are no text instructions, just pictures. Boggles my mind. Fortunately, that meant Serafina could help (since she can’t read English anyway).

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

Now is when I start to panic. The hubs is completely calm…even though we he had to cut apart the pendants to adapt them for the track. Check out our drill hole template with the painter’s tape. It was a hot mess, but it worked! Thank goodness I’m married to a handy man!

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

Once you figure out how it all works, it’s pretty amazing! I attached two spotlights in addition to the pendant lamps. One spotlight is directed at my polish wall (Is that weird? Do I need help?) Speaking of the polish wall, I’m going to add three more rows to the top next weekend. I have Summer Collections coming! Must make room! The other spotlight is directed at the corner of the opposite wall – where I’ll put my China Glaze racks.

The Mani Cave Lighting Update (work / play / polish)

I’m so motivated now to get working on it. I don’t want to finish it all at once though. The DIY decorating is as much fun as nail polish…well…almost!


33 responses to “Mani Cave Lighting: Is it weird to install a spotlight for your polish?

  1. This turned out great! I can picture what you are going.for. It will be great.finished! Yay for such a great start!

  2. Looks fab! Only question… is there going to be a Serafina spot in the mani cave?

    • Well, EVERY spot is a Serafina spot in her mind. She likes to lounge by the polish racks on the floor. Who can blame her? Sometimes I do the same thing!

  3. I love the way the room is turning out. I’d spotlight the polish racks too, I mean you have to be able to see what you are picking out right?

    • Thanks! I love having all the polish out there because I can grab exactly what I need. But it stinks that I’m still polishing on a card table in the corner!

  4. I’m trying to figure out where I can put polish racks in my very small house, but my son is like “no mom” so I’m living vicariously through you at the moment. :)

    • Julie…anytime! Tell your son though that it will make you a better mother to see your collection in full view. That’s what I told my family. LOL

    • Thanks, Vikki. I just read your TP post but I didn’t see where I could comment. I suffer from the EXACT same thing at my house. You know how they say when you get angry to write it down – well I’ve considered channeling my rage into a TP roll logbook!!

  5. It’s soooo beauuutifullll…. The picture of all the lamp bits on the floor made me want to cry – Ikea terrifies me.

    • IKEA is indeed terrifying for me too. Especially with all these components. I just kept staring at the display and made sure I bought everything they showed me.

  6. This is absolutely amazing! I love the color scheme and the spotlighted polish wall. I’d love to see photos once the entire project is complete!

  7. Looking great! Once you have task lights for anything — nail polish, sewing, crafts — you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

    Keep posting pics. We can’t get enough Mani Cave!!

  8. I think it’s awesome you shine a spotlight on your polishes. That wall is like a piece of art, of course it deserves a spotlight! Though, I’m wondering whether there is any substance to suggestions of storing polishes in the dark?

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