Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week: Mac Snow Leopard OS with MASH Velvet Dust

Some products in this post were provided for my review by the manufacturer, their PR firm, or retailer for my review.

It’s day three of Digit-al Dozen Animal Week. Today’s mani started off as a joke. I asked the hubs to give me some ideas for Animal Week. He said I should do a snow leopard in honor of Mac’s Snow Leopard Operating System. I think he was being facetious because I often call him a computer nerd! Anyway, he dared me…he said it would drive a nerd army of Mac Snow Leopard OS fanatics like him to my site. Hmmmm? Maybe not such a bad a idea after all?? So I went for it! The MASH Velvet Dust totally makes this mani!

Snow Leopard Nail Art with MASH Velvet Powder

I’ve been hesitant about the flocked nails trend because the effect can be a little…um…bathmat-ish. Which looks fun and young on other people, but I wasn’t sure about me. Then I received a package from MASH Nails that included MASH Velvet Dust for review. The package comes with 12 different colors for only $5.99!

MASH Nails Velvet Powder (MASHnails.com)

I wanted to see how it would fare with a lighter touch as a furry accent – instead of a full on velvet blanket.  For this mani I used the white velvet powder with China Glaze Dandy Lyin’ Around and Jitterbug.

MASH White Velvet Powder, China Glaze Jitterbug and Dandy Lyin' Around

I started with two coats of Dandy Lyin’ Around and let that dry. Then I kind of drew on the outline of the face with a regular ink pen. I knew it would get covered up anyway. I used black acrylic paint to make the eye sockets and the shape of the mouth and nose. The next part was completely unscientific! I used a small paintbrush and dabbed Dandy Lyin’ Around and Jitterbug over the nail, making spots. I didn’t clean my brush between colors…I just kept mixing and dabbing and lightly sprinkling MASH Velvet Dust on top. Occasionally I’d blow off the excess. I kept dabbing…even on TOP of the Velvet Dust and added more layers of polish and dust until I was happy with it.

Snow Leopard Nail Art with MASH Velvet Powder

I dotted the eyes with Essie Butler Please, a slight dab of Dandy Lyin’ Around and a dot of Essie Licorice for the pupils. I am so proud of this mani. The Velvet Dust effect is really like cat fur. Especially around the mouth where it turned out whiskery. I’m really pleasantly surprised with this product. For all you nail art enthusiasts who have sworn never to try flocked nails – you should still add a velvet pack to your supplies. It’s inexpensive and there are so many ways you can use it!

MASH Nails online sells a huge variety of nail art products…from nail art brushes to rhinestones to stamping plates.  The prices are very reasonable and they run deals all the time. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for info on new products and special offers.

Digit-al Dozen

Some products in this post were provided for my review by the manufacturer, their PR firm, or retailer for my review. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


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  1. This is amazing and the lighter touch works a treat (100% agree about the bathmat look). This little guy is so cute and the effect is fab. Loving this and the little blue piercing eyes… Ok, I think I need to cut down on my cups of tea.

  2. Way too cool! Why have I never thought to use flocking powder for fur?! And tell your husband it was a good choice. Apple rules :)

  3. this is probably the coolest mani i’ve ever seen. i have to try something like this asap. thanks for the unique inspiration!

    • A “holy moly cannoli” comment from Alexis Leigh…I’ve arrived!!! Thanks, girl! Check out the blog next week cuz there might be something xoxo related. ;)

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most amazing manicure I have ever seen!!! Oh my god, U are just unbelivable talented, I almost dies there for a second!! Holy crap, I am sharing this on my facebook page, like right now!!! I wish I could instagram this… cause this is beyond cool :)! Well done!!!! :)

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