Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week: JulieG Splotchy Neon Zebras

Woot! I made it through another Digit-al Dozen Week! I’m in awe of bloggers that do 30-day challenges! My final animal mani is a zebra stamp over a splotched neon base. I wish I could master the art of photographing neons because these JulieG’s are seriously neon! Does anyone know the secret?

JulieG splotched base in Bikini, Oh Em Gee! and Fierce & Fab with black zebra stamping

This was my first attempt at a splotched mani. Since I was using neon colors, I started with a solid white base (Sally Hansen White On). Using the polish brush, I randomly dabbed Bikini (neon coral-pink), Oh Em Gee! (neon pink) and Fierce & Fab (neon purple). No method to my madness – but I did start with the lightest color and work my way to the darkest because I knew the colors would overlap.

JulieG splotched base in Bikini, Oh Em Gee! and Fierce & Fab with black zebra stamping

I stamped the zebra pattern with Konad plate M57 and Konad Black. I’ve shared my stamping anxiety before. Shew! I won’t even attempt a transfer unless the image is perfect on the stamper. So needless to say, it takes me like three tries per nail! But I think the effect is worth it. I want to say a special goodbye to my bone dry Konad Special Nail Polish in Black. I bought it with my first stamper back in the olden’ days and now it’s gone. I barely eeked out this mani. At least it went out in style! What do you guys use to stamp a clean, black image? I need a replacement.

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Digit-al Dozen
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15 responses to “Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week: JulieG Splotchy Neon Zebras

  1. I used my konad m57 yesterday too! I use my konad special polish- when that dries up I might just buy more. I haven’t had much luck with regular polishes for stamping- except for the really shimmery ones- they seem to work well.
    This neon combo looks hot!

  2. I have never found a better black than Konad and I have tried a few now. I think one of the bloggers I follow has used Rimmel Black Out before, but I don’t have personal experience on this polish. These splotches look AMAZING and the Julie G polish comes across as gorgeous… WANT. Have really enjoyed following your animal posts this week :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww :) beautiful :) God… would it be weird if I dicided to take my favourite mani’s from my favourite bloggers and make a collage on my wall in my work station as inspiration??? I really want to:)

  4. This mani is full of awesomeness!!
    I’ve never used the Konad polish so I can’t say how it compares but I love Kleancolor Metallic Black (actually all the metallic Kleancolors stamp really well except metallic white).

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