My Story

As funny as it sounds, polished nails tell my story. Like many others, I spent my pre-teen and teen years painstakingly maintaining my manicure. And so began my lifelong love affair with all things polish.

Detour to Beauty School…with my mother

Following high school, I went far, far away to college on a full academic scholarship to study graphic art, but detoured home after two years and a stint in Europe.  While deciding my next move, I went to cosmetology school and became a licensed nail technician. I actually went to beauty school with my mother. We finished our hourly requirements at the exact same minute and took our State Boards side-by-side. Mom is gone now; but I know she’d be following this blog and liking every post.

A Nail Client Benefactor

After dutifully doing manicures for almost two years, my best client insisted I finish college and wanted to pay for it.  Yes, you read that right!  I went back to college full-time and continued my nail career until I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. My client’s only stipulation was that one day I pay it forward in some way. Such an amazing gift. I never charged her for another manicure, of course. True and awesome story.

Hobby Rediscovered

Then I started my “desk” job and nails went by the wayside.  After an MBA and over a dozen years in the defense business, life was dull and my nails were duller. I wore the exact same sheer pink OPI for years.  I needed a creative outlet…badly.  Then one day something wonderful happened; my young daughter asked me to do her nails. It only took that single request and here I am.  I’m currently licensed as a Managing Manicurist by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, but I only do nails for fun!  :)

My Style

My Type-A, obsessive-compulsive self likes things simple, tidy and symmetrical.  So I usually shy away from anything too wild and opt instead for patterns or maybe something more daring…but only on one or two nails.  That suits me.

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